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837) Corona Smith
The North
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Hello, as promised here is a story told to me by my Dad in Armley this weekend...

Warning: Contains references to drug taking.

One night many moons ago my Dad was in the Royal park pub, tripping. Mathew approached him and enquired wether he had any LSD. As it happens he did, Matthew took one and my Dad took another for good measure. Half an hour later and as the pub was kicking out, the LSD was kicking in. "I'm off into town, are you coming?" says Matthew. "Okay".

Strolling into town, the LSD coming on strong, the two trippers amble their way, as they approach the University they notice a Police car approaching, slowly, deliberately. "Uh oh!", gotta try and keep a straight face, act normal, etc.

Sure enough, and with uncanny inevitability, the Police car pulls up beside them. "Alright Xero?" asks one of the scuffers, "Where you off to?".

"Just into town." Matthew responds, my Dad is finding it very difficult to act normal under the circumstances and unease sets in.

"Jump in Lads, we'll give you a lift." Say the police. Who could resist such an invitation? The two trippers climb into the back seat.

The police car accelerates away at breakneck speed, the police switch on the lights, sirens, and hurtle round the inner ring road like the clappers, swerving through traffic. Eventually delivering the two dazed trippers to their desired location.

"There you go lads, have a good night".

As the police sped on their merry way, I am sure the phrase "Fuckinell!" was utilised.
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